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Advanced Course

3 days
5 dives
10 years old
Children aged 10-14 are considered Junior divers, from 15 years are considered adult divers.

Take your diving to new depths and explore more diving experiences. After completing the advanced course, you will be certified to dive deeper, to a maximum recommended depth of 30 meters. The advanced course consists of a total of 5 dives where you get to learn more about different aspects of diving and enhance your dive skills.


You get to choose 3 types of dives that interest you such as drift diving, fish ID, boat diving, peak performance buoyancy, underwater naturalist to name a few and then you complete the 2 core dives which are deep and navigation to obtain your advanced certification.


A quick theory session before each dive with various skills to practice during each dive, ensures that you learn all the correct techniques and advance your dive skills.

Take This Course If You Want to

  • Gain more diving experience

  • Practice navigation

  • Sample different types of diving

Learn How to

  • Explore below 18m/60ft

  • Improve your buoyancy

  • Use a compass

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