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Open Water Course

Minimum of 3-5 days
10 years old
Children aged 10-14 are considered Junior divers, from 15 years are considered adult divers.

Diver certification begins here, the PADI Open Water Course is the first level dive course, allowing you to dive independently with your buddy to a maximum of 18 meters once qualified. This is the world’s most widely recognised scuba course.

The open water course is divided into 3 main sections.

Theory – 5 theory sessions, completed online via PADI E-learning.

Swimming pool – 5 swimming pool sessions are completed at our on-site swimming pool.

Ocean dives – 4 ocean dives completed over 2 days.


If you register for your course and complete all the theory before arriving, the practical component should take 3 days. If you start the course when you arrive here, then it will take 5 full days to complete. To make the most of your holiday time we recommend that you try to complete the theory before arriving so that you can focus on the practical and make the most of your holiday time.


Day 1: Theory, self-study (If you are starting your theory when you get here, 5 day course).

Day 2: Theory, self-study (If you completed all the theory before arrival, then 3 day course).

Day 3: Approximately 8am-3pm. You will start with equipment preparation and then hop in the pool with your instructor to learn all the diving skills you will need to become a confident and competent diver. We plan most of the day for the swimming pool sessions, including a morning session, lunch break and afternoon session. Timing all depends on how many students there are on the course and how comfortable everyone is. We want to make sure you enjoy the course and have time to practise your diving skills.

Day 4: Approximately 7am-1/2pm. We plan to do dives 1 & 2 in the ocean today. This is the time to put your new skills to the test, you will be required to demonstrate mastery of the skills that you learned in the swimming pool during the dives with your instructor. Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of time during the dive to get to explore the reef and see some amazing fish life, all under the direct supervision of your instructor.

Day 5: Approximately 7am-1/2pm. We plan to complete dives 3 & 4 in the ocean today. After successfully completing all your dives, you will be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver. This is the beginning of exploring a whole new underwater world, enjoy!

Take This Course If You Want to

  • Explore the other 70 percent of our planet

  • Support ocean protection

  • See things you've never seen before

  • Learn from a scuba diving expert

  • Carry the world's most recognised scuba certification

Learn How to

  • Be a confident and skilled diver

  • Assemble and use scuba gear

  • Manage your buoyancy

  • Respectfully approach marine life

  • Handle common problems

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