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Discover Scuba Diving

Duration: split over 2 days
Day 1: approx. 2-3 hours
Day 2: approx. 2: 3 hours
Minimum age:
10 years old

Ever wondered what diving is all about? This is the introductory experience you are looking for, designed for people who want to give scuba diving a try before committing to a full dive course. Best of all, if you enjoy your dive and continue with the PADI Open Water Course, your dive experience counts as a credit towards the course.


Day 1: A short theory session then it’s time to hop in the pool where you get to use dive equipment and experience breathing underwater whilst practising some important skills in the swimming pool with your instructor.

Day 2: A dive briefing explaining where you will be diving and what fish you can expect to see before heading out on our boat to enjoy your first dive in the ocean with your instructor.

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